The Cost of an Abandoned Well

Plants & Goodwin's Infographic on the Financial, Environmental and Health Costs of Plugging

From oil prices and operating costs to methane emissions and federal regulations, the costs behind abandoned wells are massive. Our infographic explores the state of abandoned wells today and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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A Critical Task to Meet Emission Reduction Targets

Plugging abandoned oil wells isn't just required by regulatory bodies—it's also an opportunity to significantly reduce methane emissions. With more than 281 kilotons of methane emitted by abandoned wells per year in the U.S., unplugged wells negatively impact human health, increases climate change and amplifies risk to nearby O&G operations.

Download our infographic today to learn more about how plugging wells can help us meet our 2030 emission reduction targets.

Up to 3.2 Million

Number of abandoned wells across the U.S.

281 KT Per Year

Methane emitted by abandoned wells across the U.S.


Fine paid by a single company for violating Pennyslvania's regulations

$8 Billion

Federal funds Biden Administration set aside for orphaned wells



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Discover the True Costs

Not plugging abandoned wells leaves you susceptible to regulatory fines, the inability to begin new projects and lost business. See why plugging can help your company stay in good standing and continue to grow in our infographic, 'The True Costs of Abandoned Wells in the U.S.'

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